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Why The App Exists
The app is designed to help you keep a proactive and simple view of the requirements to acquire citizenship in key education and migration destination countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, and France. In addition, as your immigration journey helper, you will have access to key resources for every step of your migration journey.
Requirements Status

Get a summary of how you are tracking against the different citizenship pathway requirements including helpful data to plan your international movements.

Citizenship requirements status tracking will include key destination countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, Singapore, Germany and France.

Track One or Track All!

Physical Residency

Geotrack your country locations on an ongoing basis to ensure you keep a record of where you spend your time as time spent in-country is a standard requirement for most citizenship by naturalization programs. Also, add and edit historical locations manually.

This solution always ensures you keep track of your out of country time to ensure you do not breach permanent residency requirements and risk loss of your hard earned permanent residency status or denial of your citizenship application.

Access Expert Resources

Get expert support from our partner licensed migration agents and lawyers. Schedule a consultation right from our app.

In addition, get access to different resources from our many partners along the immigration journey. These include licensed educational consultants, student housing providers, banking and financial services, real estate, relocation agents, ethnic stores and restaurants, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

" I can now clearly see and plan how I am doing on the various citizenship requirements.  There is finally lights at the end of the tunnel! "
LingLing Z, Registered Nurse

About Us

The Diaspora Channel seeks to be your central resource for all things immigration. Whether you are a student, a professional, a family member, an entrepreneur, someone with humanitarian needs, a business or leisure visitor, we can connect you to all the resources you need to make your immigration journey less of an emotional roller coaster and more of a breezy walk. 

Your Immigration Journey Partner.